Riddle of the Day

Yesterday’s Riddle Answer: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. I also think Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day works as well.
Riddle of the Day: What do you call pigs that write letters to each other?

To write or not to write?

To write or not to write?

Been some time since I’ve written an “actual” post.

Why did I silence my voice?

I’ve been so wrapped up in trying to build my business, I errantly got away from the basics. How do I expect my clients to understand me if I’m not showcasing my writing?

Plain and simple…. I can’t.

I need writing. I need communication. I need contact with the outside world.

Why do we find it so hard??? Fear.

Forget Everything And Run, or Face Everything And Rise????

Let’s break each of these down…..

Forget everything…. Yeah, so I can make the same mistakes, not likely.
Run…. To me, running is a great way to expel the demons in my head for a little while. Also, running moves you forward, so why not?
Face everything…. I’m not so sure about facing everything. Sometimes its nice not having to worry about anything.
Rise…. Well who the hell doesn’t want that? This part is a little redundant to me.

Forget everything and run…. When I run, I forget everything. It is the main point of running for me, so this line irks me. It helps activate the analytical part of my brain. As a writer, I spend a lot of time using my creative side. I feel sometimes I spin out of control, and running helps balance me.

Face everything and rise…. Let me repeat this part again, we are not meant to “face” everything. When it comes to injustice, yes, face it. Hell, help abolish it, but there are some aspects of life we are not meant to face. We should just let them play out naturally, be a bystander if you will.

Seems to me either way you have to make a decision. To me, make the decision best suited for you at the time. (This last line brought to mind our last election…. choose the lesser of two evils, sometimes the choices given to us suck.)

I guess that’s it for now. See you soon, I  plan on doing more with my blog than just posting daily informational posts.

Have fun writing.


To write or not to write?

To write or not to write?

How the seasons change. The seasons of the weather, the seasons of our life, the seasons of our smiles.

I remember being able to find the beauty in everything. Now it’s just a silver lining. And sometimes its not even pretty. Its like the mask many people wear. Silver lining themselves to hide the ugly inside. Acting like princes and princesses, when they have no idea how prince and princess behave.

They have no idea of hardship, no idea of stress, no idea of connection. Letting the art die out the eyes before the color truly sets in. The story being narrated by a false god.

The irony being they are their own god, their own narrator, and they are blindly following along like sheep.

Thousands have come and gone long before us. Thousands before have tried to understand and failed.

To be forth coming about my own biases with the aim of encouraging others to explore their own ideas and opinions about a false gods, princes and princesses, and silver linings.

But there are no perfect theories to explain ANY of it.

It’s time to develop our own thoughts about how it works, and where they are going. And to further explore and express different view points. To adjust our thinking to match the new information being wrought.

To write or not to write?


Just feel like putting a few thoughts to paper. Plus I took a morphine pill and I always come up with a few crazy ideas while I’m on medication.

I just want to start by saying Thank You to everyone who is starting to enjoy the blog. It is no where anything I really want it to be, but you have to sweat, bleed, and cry sometimes to see improvements. Please stick around and by all means, HELP ME OUT!!!!!

Let me know what you want. I am here as an outlet. What I post is to raise awareness to issues close to my heart. I would love to expand my heart to some of your issues. Hell, they may already even be there, you may just have to remind me it’s in there somewhere.

As I mentioned I have cancer, testicular cancer. It’s not as bad as some cancers, but it’s still cancer. It keeps me up at night, it keeps the infected area in pain, and it scares the fuck out of me.

I was diagnosed in both testicles, but opted to only have one removed and am trying to cure it naturally. So far, so good. The last sonogram I had, the numbers increased and decreased, so the doctor told me it was probably just a misread. Fuck you, asshole.

I don’t have another sonogram until March, because of some things I have in place with the doctor, but I don’t want to hear probably. And today, the oncologist’s office called me and told me they had to reschedule my next CAT scan to March. Fuck you, asshole.

Anyway, how does any of this pertain to writing, well, it’s what’s really spurred me to sustainability and marijuana. Two major industries I would like to apply my skill sets to. Solar, wind, permaculture, and natural remedies are being subjected to lies and misinformation, and I would like to help with the change. Because lets admit it, it’s going to happen.

We are slowly going to wean ourselves off of fossil fuels, I just believe it’s my duty to help sooner and hopefully help speed up the process.

Thank you all again for the support and please don’t shy away from putting me in my place. I actually like a well thought out, heated debate.

Happy writing everyone.

To write or not to write?

Write of course.

Hello 2016.

My name is Troy. I’m 37, live in Illinois with my mother and 2 cats. I am working on my Masters Degree in Eng/Lang Lit from SNHU. I have 2 older brothers, 1 younger sister, 3 nephews, and 2 nieces. And I am a struggling self-employed writer. Not book writer, but business writer; web-pages, direct sales letters, white papers, enewsletters and blogs.

My hobbies include gardening, golfing, reading, walking/running, being outdoors, and having a good time with my family and friends. Blah, blah, blah.

I am a utilitarian moderate. I have spirituality. I claim no faith but my own, and I persecute no one for their beliefs. But I will call hypocrisy on ALL religions. Blah, blah, blah.

I am single, gay, and like everyone else am looking for someone to share my life with. Blah, blah, blah.

I have 2 DUI’s so I cannot drive, which makes it hard for me to get around and actually improve my lifestyle; like finding a part time job, because the nearest towns are 5 miles away, and  I have applied at every place hiring. All to no avail. Either I didn’t have enough experience or I was overqualified.

In the last few months, I have taken many steps to start improving my situation. I have accountability partners now helping me to push myself to do the things that need to be done. Speaking with these individuals have sparked many ideas to help me improve on many aspects of my life, not just professionally.

It’s time to stop allow the fear to keep me from committing completely and being concerned about what people think about the decisions I’m making. I thought this philosophy would have held strong after I was diagnosed with cancer, but fear is strong.

I am stronger.

I will conquer the fear keeping me from achieving the things I hold dear.

I know this post doesn’t seem appropriate for the title, but I am taking my business in a new direction, this is the first step. I am now answering honestly.

Happy writing everyone.


To write or not to write?

Write of course.

Once upon a time, I had a list of the topics I would blog about. Its in a past post somewhere, but I have a tendency not to reread the stuff I have already written, unless it’s for a client. Do I want a new list of blog topics? Do I want to stick to the one I did?

I have never been one to keep up on the latest trends. I want to be my own trend setter. Why follow the crowd? I’m not a sheep. I don’t like following the crowd. I’d rather hack my way through the B.S. myself. Yes, this can sound lonely, but oh the views I will see.

It would be nice to increase my followers. And I do know the steps needed to achieve this, but it would be like following the crowd. Although my ideas may be different, it would still be the same steps I’ve read a thousand times. I want to be a pioneer, not a pack mule.

How does one go about being a pioneer? Of that, I’m not really sure. I’ve never tried. Maybe that’s it… try.

What kind of pioneer do I want to be? Where do I want to be a pioneer at?

I have no answer to these questions either. And I believe that to be a good thing. If no one gets in my head about it, than I will be a pioneer when I venture out. Why, because no one has poisoned my head into their line of thinking. Its ALL me.

And succeed or fail, it’s still ALL me.

Maybe that’s the secret of being a pioneer, being ALL me.

Happy writing everyone.

Dear Critic

Now is the time to rise up. Take control of action. Action leads to improvement. Improvement leads to something. Doesn’t it?

One could only hope, otherwise what’s the point. Why stay stagnant? Nothing ever changes from hanging out on the sidelines. You need to get in there and go. DO IT!!!!!!

The last few days have been down time. Time to get my head back where it needs to be. But being a writer means my mind can be everywhere and nowhere at once. Why should I not give in to flights of fancy? What I need is to get out more often. Being stuck nowhere all the time doesn’t help the creativity.

Have to finish my sales letter, school discussion post, and bait piece. Hopefully the time away from the pen will have refreshed my idea center.

Where does the day go? I can spend hours thinking about nothing, but that doesn’t help when it comes time to putting

Times up. Have to go.

Dear Critic,

Holding back will get you no where. Time to go all in. No more holding back.

That sounds like a good motto, but saving something for reserve is key for growth. How else would we grow, if we used up everything? It’s not that I don’t want to give it my all, but with other engagements out there, I am definitely going to need some reserve.

The sales letter for my new service is almost complete. I have to move some things around and then get a critique on it. It’s always good to have someone else look over your work before you send it out. Well, most of your work. I like my blog posts to be raw, uncensored, and sometimes, uncut.

Have to get the outline for school done. It is due by tonight, as is my post for the discussion part of it. But all I really wanna do is take a nap. Lord it’s only 915 and I’m already thinking about a nap. Breakfast first sounds better though. I always sleep well with a full stomach.

Picked up some really nice paper and envelopes for the sales letter. Hope that helps with engagement. Not sure if I like the critic online or not. Huge difference from pen and paper in front of me when I go at the critic. It just seems to flow better– love the critic.

Maybe this is a good way to go. I would have never thought my critic side would have jumped in there. And it was kind of funny.

Times up.

Dear Critic

I usually do the critic thing by hand, but why the hell not do it digitally as well. The objective of this exercise is to tell the critic in your head why they aren’t helping you in life. You are suppose to do this for 5 minutes everyday. I will continue to do my handwritten version, but I will also do a digital one now. Why not, right?

Yesterday Critic, you were a big help in getting my research paper for school started. The outline looks great and hopefully the teacher thinks its as good as I do. Thanks for the motivation today to read over half of the required reading. I am going to kick this terms ass.

The direct sales letter for the new service I am promoting is coming along great as well. It should be ready for mailing by next Monday. And the Master List of clients I want to work for is growing daily. Thank you for the help. Hopefully, it helps to pull more attention my way. Time to up my game. No one said this was going to be easy, and I have to work my ass off in order for it to succeed.

The tips for getting the garden ready for next year were stupendous as well. Good thing we picked up the potash the other day.

Times up. Time to get to work.