Cold Weather Run


Single digits.

Single digits with 20 m.p.h. winds.

How do you go for a run in this weather?

Simple. You dress for it and hit the trails.

How do you dress for this weather?

Long underwear, wool socks, t-shirt, shorts, hat and gloves, and a good wind breaker. And in this weather, I do switch over to running shoes. Most importantly, MUSIC.

I will spend hundreds of dollars on my foot attire, but I have found that a regular pair of Hanes long underwear work fine. The best lesson I have learned is to dress in layers, not expensively.

I say most importantly, because music will take your mind off the fact you are freezing your butt off. That is until your body temperature rises. Also, it helps regulate your breathing.

Are there any benefits to running in the cold? Of course there are.

1) You Don’t get Hot

Because of the cooler weather, your are less likely to overheat. Your body readily releases any excess heat that builds up. To maintain a constant body temperature, you need layer of moisture wicking clothing.

2) It Helps Keep off the Winter Weight

Maintaining your routine tricks the body into switching your metabolism over to the store up for winter mode. Also the added benefit of not having to stress over getting ready for “swimsuit season”.

3) It Helps from Getting the Winter Blues.

Everyone hears about the down side of winter. Being cooped up inside all day, away from the sun and fresh air makes many people depressed. Getting out in the brisk air and running, helps release endorphins and keeps you motivated. For someone like me, who switches over to running during the day, I still get time in the sun. When its out of course.

4) Mental and Physical Endurance

Your stamina is increased thanks to the increase of blood circulation. Your body will adapt to the adverse conditions. It will become more hardy. Getting out in the cold is a trial all in itself. Running everyday in the winter, will help to push you to get in that extra mile, or finish the race a few minutes quicker.

When your friends are sitting at home complaining about the cold, snow, and extra weight they’ve put on since they’ve locked themselves inside, you will be bouncing around with the extra energy your daily runs have given you.

So when you feel depressed because of the cold, don’t fret, a little run can turn that frown upside down.