To write or not to write?

Write of course.

Once upon a time, I had a list of the topics I would blog about. Its in a past post somewhere, but I have a tendency not to reread the stuff I have already written, unless it’s for a client. Do I want a new list of blog topics? Do I want to stick to the one I did?

I have never been one to keep up on the latest trends. I want to be my own trend setter. Why follow the crowd? I’m not a sheep. I don’t like following the crowd. I’d rather hack my way through the B.S. myself. Yes, this can sound lonely, but oh the views I will see.

It would be nice to increase my followers. And I do know the steps needed to achieve this, but it would be like following the crowd. Although my ideas may be different, it would still be the same steps I’ve read a thousand times. I want to be a pioneer, not a pack mule.

How does one go about being a pioneer? Of that, I’m not really sure. I’ve never tried. Maybe that’s it… try.

What kind of pioneer do I want to be? Where do I want to be a pioneer at?

I have no answer to these questions either. And I believe that to be a good thing. If no one gets in my head about it, than I will be a pioneer when I venture out. Why, because no one has poisoned my head into their line of thinking. Its ALL me.

And succeed or fail, it’s still ALL me.

Maybe that’s the secret of being a pioneer, being ALL me.

Happy writing everyone.