Kobo: The Beginning Part 2

“Alright hatchlings, that is all for today,”  Nana said. 



“Please finish Nana, you’re just getting to the good part.” 

“Now, now children. There’s plenty of time for that. I will see you all tomorrow,” Nana said. 

As Nana watched the hatchlings leave, she breathed a sigh of relief. Her golden scales rippled over her body. She did a cat-like stretch  and walked over to her desk. 

The gem pulsed. Nana smiled. The pulse had been getting stronger the closer it got to the ceremony.

It had been 5000 years, Nana was tired. 

She grabbed a branch and hauled herself up. She looked down on her classroom. 

How many dragons had she taught here, she wondered. 

It had taken generations for the clan to finally settle down after everything had happened. 

Nana was ready. Was everyone else? 

“Mom, my head is hurting again,” Kobo said. 

“I’m sorry Kobo, I wish there was something I could do to help.” he heard his mom say. 

“I wish someone could help,” mumbled Kobo, flopping down on a bed of moss. 

Every time he tried to explain how his head hurt, the other dragons would just say it in his head. 

Kobo never understood that line, of course it was in his head. That’s where the pain was. 

His mom had taken him to every dragon skilled in healing magic. It was the same with everyone of them, except for Nana. 

Nana was the only one who took him seriously. It was almost like she could see the future. Every time she asked if he had a new symptom, and he didn’t, in about a week, he would. 

The last time he saw her, she asked is his wings were itchy. They weren’t at the time, but within 4 days they had started. He didn’t tell his mother about this, as she constantly worried about him.  

Most dragons lay five to six eggs, every three to four years. But not his mom. She had only every laid one egg, him.

And he still had questions about the night he was born. 

The glass sprayed across the floor. More than one body grunted. Several grabbed their throats, dropped to their knees, and gurgled before toppling over. 

“Idiot. The mission was simple. Surveillance,” a loud voice boomed. “Nothing more, nothing less. How did you fail?”

Jamallir cowered behind a chair. He glanced back at his men, or what was left of them. There must have been poison in the glass, as the men who had only been cut were now dead too. Luckily, Ramiel and Luciar were still alive, the rest could be replaced. 

“I’m sorry my Lord, the Bastion of Bravery came as were getting ready to set up. The ran us off, and killed quite a few of my best carndels too.

“Does it look like I care about your losses? We needed that information.”

Jamallir bowed low, “Forgive me my Lord, I will send out my two best spies now.”

“Make sure you don’t fail this time.” 

A bright purple flash and the specter was gone. Jamallir finally breathed easily. 

“I’m heading to the Luscious Pool. I’ll be back in a few hours. Have Halstead here when I get back.” Jamallir said to Ramiel. 

Ramiel smirked. “Whole?” he asked. 

“Don’t start Ramiel. It’s not been a good day.” 

Kobo: The Beginning

The elders rushed us to the clearing. All around we could hear the sound of battle, wing blasts, roars, and fireballs, but the worst sound of all was the screams.

When we entered the clearing, all sounds stopped. The air felt heavy. The farther I walked into the clearing, the harder it was to walk. I could see magic crackling and shimmering.

There were only about 40 of us, where was the rest of the clan? The fighting couldn’t have been so bad there was so few of us.

A loud booming voice echoed over the clearing, “Let us begin.”

“We are ready,” another voice boomed.

“As are we.”


“And us.”

I had never heard any of these voices.

I looked at the dragon next to me, their eyes were wide with fear.

A huge wing flap swept across the clearing. Instead of the grasses flattening, they began to sway. The magic flared to life in the air. All the previous crackles, merged into one giant upside down cone, encompassing the 40 of us.

The voices were chanting now, or had they been chanting the whole time. Visions of my family, my teachers, members of the council started to appear behind the elders, lending their voices.

Suddenly I was swept up into the air. My wings violently ripped open. I thought they were going to be pulled off. I looked down and no one was in the clearing. All of us had been pulled into the air.

A sudden urge to calm myself came over me. I relaxed, let my wings catch the current, and started to circle the clearing. It lifted me higher into the air, and the more relaxed I became, the gentler the circling became. I looked around and noticed most of the other dragons had righted themselves as well.

I managed to look over at the nest, what I saw made me mad. It was destroyed. The other dragons must have noticed too, because they roared as one, and tried to fly out of the cone of magic.

But we couldn’t. And the more we tried, the tighter the cone became.

Faster and faster we circled. The cone began to look like a multicolored tornado. There was a bright flash and then it was over.

When I came to, my head was spinning. I stood up and new instantly something was off.

My wings didn’t feel right. I tried to flap them, but they weren’t there. I spread my arms and noticed some skin attached to my sides. The trees also towered over me.

I must have passed out again, because I was awoken by a loud scream. Also, it was dark out.