Quote o’ the Day

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.
Gail Devers

To write or not to write?

Wow, I forgot what this site looked like.

I’m working on updating my actual website, so I don’t get to spend much time in here anymore. Hell, it’s been almost 10 months. Do I have anything new to say?

Wow, that’s a loaded question. Do I talk about work, school, or life?

Well, this is the series about writing, so that doesn’t help much. All 3 pertain to my series. I write for work and school, and my life is writing. It’s all I ever think about. That and getting my license back, but that’s for a different blog.

I have canceled out a lot of noise lately. I use to read anything and everything about what I do and I always seemed to get conflicting messages from each of them. So I unsubscribed from a lot of emails.

I have to admit, I enjoy reading my emails again.

I can see what I’ve been missing out since I have zoned in on the website and polishing up my portfolio. Great opportunities to blog.

You see, I unsubscribed months ago, but I didn’t tell anyone. Lately, with the emails I did decide to keep, I’ve been getting that exact same message. Unsubscribe from emails you saved but haven’t read, only pick 3 or 4 people to follow, and clean out those folders.

And this isn’t the first time I’ve noticed something I’ve done, not told anyone, and then a few months later, it’s the latest trend.

I need to start saying what I’m doing, before it hits the airwaves. I feel I’ve been missing out on making myself known in the world I’m trying to get into. I seem to be a few months ahead of the rest of them. I feel it’s slowing down my progress.

Why shouldn’t I start to let people know what I’m up to? Second guessing myself is costing me big time.

Happy writing everyone.

Commit to be Fit


Everyone is different.

Every body requires different nutritional values. 

We’ve all heard about the 2,000 calorie myth. I say myth, because I have consumed 2,000 calories by lunch. 

Breakfast is usually my smallest meal. The complete opposite of what is recommended. 

Now that I think about it, I do a lot of things that are the complete opposite of what is recommended. 

Here is a run down of my typical breakfast: eggs and salsa, bagel/toast/muffin, sausage/bacon/steak/chicken, oatmeal, and fruit. I used to have a big glass of milk, but a few years ago, I became lactose intolerant. 

Yes, that is my smallest meal. It usually consist of about 1250-1500 calories. 

Before I eat breakfast, I get in my morning routine. 90 push ups, 10 minutes of planks, and an hour of R.O.M. for my shoulders. These exercises work my chest, back, and arms also. 

I have to do slow movements, because both shoulders have already had their rotator cuffs repaired. I am 75% more likely to get another tear in them now. 

Before lunch, I get about 2 snack in. Granola, fruit, vegetables, and nuts.

I know most people are juicing their snacks. I prefer to eat my food though. 

Lunch and diner are larger portions of breakfast. I will also occasionally add fish to my diet. During these two meals, I drop the bread and substitute it with rice. 

Between lunch and diner, 2 more snacks. 

Spring, summer, and fall, I run at night. Usually 4 to 6 miles every other day. During the winter, I do this after my morning routine and before breakfast. I never run on a full stomach. 

Now, here’s the kicker. I go to bed every night with a full stomach from a fourth meal. Which is usually a combination of everything I have had throughout the day. Fourth meal is also a meal to cheat. If I feel like sitting down to some McDonald’s or Taco Bell, now is the time. 

Yes, I said fast-food. I treat my body well, but I know sometimes you have to treat it rough, so it stays adaptable. 

I consume roughly 8000 calories a day, but I also burn close to the same amount. I don’t eat holistically, and every time I go in for a check up, my vitals are all below normal. 

When I get my blood checked, my bad cholesterol levels and triglycerides are below normal. My good cholesterol is also below normal. My diet and exercise regime should not allow this, but the doctor tells me, it just must be how my body is. 

What do you do to keep yourself fit? A special diet? A special exercise regime? 

How do you keep yourself motivated?

To write or not to Write?


The start of a new year and the resolutions for many has begun.

I’ve have only set one resolution for myself year after year and that was to quit smoking. I accomplished that resolution in 2013.

I find myself wondering if I should set a new resolution. I have thought about it and am still unsure if I should.

Why do we set resolutions?

Most of the resolutions that I read about are all selfish ones. Get in better health. Quit smoking/drinking. Spend more time with family, less time working.

Why is it that you never hear volunteer at a soup kitchen, start up a non-profit for under privilege children, join a foundation to help with the environment?

So here is my resolution for 2014: Make enough money to have the time to give hope.

In order to do this, I have to obtain clients.

On January 13th, I plan to have my free report, about page, and action plan completed.

The reason I think so many people fail at their resolutions, is that they do not have a comprehensive plan set. Most just think, I’ll eat better, go to the gym and I will get into better health. Not realizing dedication and organization are the key.

A plan not thought out, is a fool proof way to not achieve these goals. Most get lost in the translation.

This happens in writing as well. I have a schedule for my writing. Certain days I focus on different aspects of my career. It is all in my calendar.

The best thing about my calendar is that it allows me to change it up. There is one thing I need to accomplish for a day. Write 1,000 words or more a day.

When I do this, the rest of my day is completed. I know this doesn’t sound like much, but trust me, it is.

If I don’t run, I start to feel sluggish. The same happens if I don’t write my set goal of words a day. Although, I don’t feel sluggish. I feel as if something is amiss.

When this happens, I open a blank page and start to write. Like running, this helps clear my head.

I have been absent from my blog for a few days. This was done on purpose. Every time I logged in and hit New Post, I felt no need to write. I knew I should have written something, but I opted out of it. I wanted to give my mind a few days to rejuvenate.

I still wrote in my journal, dream log, and worked on projects for work, I just didn’t feel the need to blog.

Here is another error most make in their resolutions. A few days of inactivity and they give up. There is nothing wrong with taking a few days to yourself. It is no more selfish than most of the resolutions we set for ourselves anyway.

There were a few times last year I had a cigarette. Did this mean that I had given up on quitting. Absolutely not. It just meant I took a small step in a different direction than I wanted.

If we make no mistakes, we will not learn. This is why I did not beat myself up when I relapsed. I told myself, “Thats fine, you had one cigarette. It doesn’t mean you are smoking again.”

This attitude kept my resolve strong and I moved on. The same with my writing. If I don’t finish some goal I set for myself to improve, I don’t worry about it. I forgive myself.

Don’t beat yourself up if you relapse from time to time. Its human nature. We are not perfect beings by any means. We are adaptable creatures.

Happy writing everyone.