Deck the Halls

Imagine your yard the envy of your neighbors. You’ve spent hours decorating and you want everyone to enjoy the beauty that you have created. You want them to feel the Spirit of Christmas as they gaze upon your Winter Wonderland.

Spend some time looking at your yard and draw a sketch. You want to have a good plan to determine where your are going to string your lights.

If this is your first time decorating, start out small. Your door, windows, porch, a few trees or bushes make for a good focal points. Each year as you become more confident, branch out.

The week following Thanksgiving is a good time to put up your decorations. This allows for one holiday to end, and the next to begin. It also gives you time to wrap the gifts you bought on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. However, you will want them up at least a week before Christmas.

Here are some tips to make your decorating easier.

1) Stay safe. Make sure you are using outdoor lights. A sturdy ladder will help with the hard to reach places.

2) Hooks and clips save your exterior and make for easy installation and removal. You can purchase shingle tabs or parapet clips at any hardware store.

3) Don’t overload your sockets. Use extension cords with multiple plugs to help distribute the power usage.

4) Important —– Check the light strands to make sure they light up. Having to take down a

strand after you plug in, is sometimes difficult.

5) If you are decorating a tree, bush or pole, start from the bottom and work your way in a spiral motion up. For evergreens, start at the top and work your way down.

6) Get a timer. Set it to start at dusk and opt for the 6 hour shut off time.

Staying safe, using the proper equipment, making sure the lights work, and decorating to your abilities will make your holiday more enjoyable.

Here is one final tip, and probably the most important: HAVE FUN.

When everyone helping has fun, hopefully you will start a tradition that your family will continue for generations.Image,

Tis the Season

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5 Holiday Tips for a Winter Wonderland

The  joy of the holidays is upon us. Spending time with family and friends, giving the perfect gift to a loved one, and re-creating the essence of  Christmas with your decor brings a sense of warmth to the soul we can only feel this time of year.

Christmas should be spent by a yule-logged fire with family and friends, remembering Christmases pasts. Laughter, company, and the smell of evergreens should be the only things keeping a smile on your face.

Follow a few simple steps and you can relax, knowing you have created a holiday wonderland in and around your own home. Simple steps that use a little  creativity. With a little help from your family your house could be the most talked-about this holiday season.

1) Select a simple holiday theme. Bring the holidays to the inside as well as out.

2) Go big! “Less is more” does not apply around the holidays.

3) Use 2 to 3 colors for maximum effect. Silver, blue and white, or red, green, and gold are the most common.

4) Make sure your entrance is inviting. A wreath, garland, and bow will draw any eye to your home.

5) Rearrange your furniture to find a  focal point for your decorations, ideally your Christmas tree or fireplace.

If you follow these simple steps, maybe Ebenezer Scrooge will knock on your door to join the merriment.

Want the perfect bow on your presents? What should you do when a strand of lights go out? Is your table looking drab this holiday season? If you want tips on these and more, please stay tuned, and all your holiday decorating questions will be answered.