On this Day in History

On this Day in History: Some group of peoples were persecuted, some Pope did something, something was discovered, politicians lied, the general populace were fucked over by some douche bag in power, and they liked it, because they have no backbone.

Quote of the Day

Promise me you will not spend so much time treading water and trying to keep your head above the waves that you forget, truly forget, how much you have always loved to swim.
Tyler Knott Gregson

To write or not to write?

To write or not to write?

How the seasons change. The seasons of the weather, the seasons of our life, the seasons of our smiles.

I remember being able to find the beauty in everything. Now it’s just a silver lining. And sometimes its not even pretty. Its like the mask many people wear. Silver lining themselves to hide the ugly inside. Acting like princes and princesses, when they have no idea how prince and princess behave.

They have no idea of hardship, no idea of stress, no idea of connection. Letting the art die out the eyes before the color truly sets in. The story being narrated by a false god.

The irony being they are their own god, their own narrator, and they are blindly following along like sheep.

Thousands have come and gone long before us. Thousands before have tried to understand and failed.

To be forth coming about my own biases with the aim of encouraging others to explore their own ideas and opinions about a false gods, princes and princesses, and silver linings.

But there are no perfect theories to explain ANY of it.

It’s time to develop our own thoughts about how it works, and where they are going. And to further explore and express different view points. To adjust our thinking to match the new information being wrought.