Quote o’ the Day

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.
Gail Devers

To write or not to write?

To write or not to write?

Yesterday I had lunch with Steve Roller. If you have been following this blog, I mentioned Steve in a few posts. He is the creator of http://www.copywritercafe.com. I have also mentioned I have had some problems with find a client base. We sat down and discussed quiet a few things to help me overcome these obstacles.
The hardest part that I am having with finding new clients is getting a response from my emails and calls. Steve mentioned cold calls were not a reliable way to obtain clients. I had read this earlier while I was doing research of my own on this very subject. In the Cafe’s Facebook page, we have been discussing cold calls A LOT lately. It seems I am not the only person who is having this problem. Cold calling is a fine art.
I do the research, make a list, and than I incorporate it into my elevator speech. As we were talking, Steve told me maybe I shouldn’t be doing as many cold calls. I pulled out my list and went over some of the topics on it. Steve told me, with a list like that, keep doing the cold calls. You have everything you need to make sure you set up another call.
It was very reassuring to know that all the hard work I have done is on track. The one thing that would make all this better, is if the clients I want would take a chance on me.
We also discussed other aspects of our career I should be focusing on. I have a cold email template written up. Steve told me he would like to see some testimonials, a post script, and a little more of my personality in it.
With all that being said, the main point of what I learned yesterday was that it is ME that I have to pitch. This philosophy doesn’t just pertain to my work, it has to do with life.
Happy writing everyone.