Word of the Day

Word of the Day: Physiognomy
Definition: (n)
1) a person’s facial features or expression, especially when regarded as indicative of character or ethnic origin.
2) the supposed art of judging character from facial characteristics.
3) the general form or appearance of something

To write or not to write?

I guess we’ll jump back into marketing today. It is what is on my mind a lot lately. I have the writing part down, its the selling of myself that I am have problems with. As I have said before, it is the hardest part of doing this job, getting clients. I have had a LinkedIn account for some time, but I have never really used it. In the last week I have changed that. I have joined groups that pertain to my profession. Many people that I speak with say they get many jobs through LinkedIn. LinkedIn reminds me of a professional Facebook. People post stuff related to their chosen career. 

My main focus right now is getting my portfolio together and my website up and running. I am having trouble choosing which pieces of work to put in my portfolio. My website is the same. Its not that I am having a problem on the wording of the site, its the appearance that I am more concerned about. I think the design of the site is just as, if not, more important as the content. 

All of these things really matter to a potential client. If your website looks sloppy, than they’ll assume that your content is just as sloppy. I also have to take that in to consideration with my appearance. I am not one to put much in stock to the way I look, but being that I am my own boss, and I own my own company, I will have to change that. 

Happy writing everyone.