To write or not to write

The blog-o-sphere is a strange world indeed.

So many questions to ask oneself before venturing out into this avenue. Then realizing none of those questions matter. Starting a blog is mainly about putting yourself on the line, expressing your ideas, and hopefully capitalizing on the reason why you started it in the first place.

I’ve read so many articles about the topic of blogs, its staggering. You should do this. You should do that. The only way you’re going to succeed is… I’m calling bullshit.

I’m calling bullshit on all of it, marketing yourself, the style of writing you should do, who you should listen too. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. I think the only person you should listen to when it comes to any of this, is yourself.

Yes, you are going to make mistakes, and yes you are going to be told no, A LOT, but at least you are out there trying. And that is the main thing. You are making an attempt to try to better yourself, promote an idea or product, or bring awareness to something you have a passion for.

No two things work the same way. And no business model should either. Because lets face it, the reason someone comes to you, is because they like YOU. Not a product you’re promoting, not some piece of advice you give, and definitely not because you’re asking them to purchase something. They truly do business with you, because they had a good experience with you. And only you.

I have been studying the market funnel a lot lately. I think there is something fundamentally wrong with it. Why is everyone trying to regurgitate the same rhetoric everyone else is? Is it the only way to do business?

I have no answer to the first question, but the second one is a resounding no.

The first question bothers me more than the second one. I don’t like how everyone seems to think they need to be like everyone else. In a business world, that is the last thing you want. If you want a possible client take note of you, I think that would be by going against the grain. Trying something new. Thinking and living outside the box.

Show your prospects and competition why you are the better choice. Do what you feel you need to do. Don’t let anyone stand in your way. Eventually, someone is going to look at you as the answer to their questions. Why be cookie cutter?

Happy writing everyone.

To run again

In October 2010, I was in an accident that messed my knee up. The orthopedic surgeon said therapy could help repair it, so I didn’t need surgery. 4 months later, he told me I could no longer run. Not news someone whose ran for 20 some years wants to hear. I had to switch to riding a bike and taking walks.

In February 2011, I was in another accident. I should not have survived this accident. I was a passenger in a truck and we hit an icy patch on the road and hit a tree 10 yards away at 30 m.p.h. I woke up in the hospital. The left side of my body and the right side of my face were pretty banged up. After I was released from the hospital, my brother and I went to look at the truck. The front passenger side of the truck was shaped like a tree trunk. 

I went to my doctor and he recommended that I see my orthopedic surgeon. The ortho was surprised to see me again a month after my last visit. Physical therapy was schedule for as soon as I could stand on my leg again. The Physical Therapists weren’t as surprised to see me. 4 more months of PT and I was informed yet again, that I could not run. 

For those who run, you know my pain to hear this. What most people don’t realize, is that runners are a special breed. If something has us upset, we can’t figure something out, or we just feel like we’re being dragged down, we go for a run. Running helps release oxygen, endorphins, and calms the nerves. It also allows us to have a few moments of the day to ourselves. 

Not being able to run, makes me feel sluggish. I cannot explain this to people that don’t run, but I’ll try. It feels like everything on me weighs about 100 pounds and I have a hard time moving. My body is conditioned to expect the release of oxygen and endorphins when I feel this way. To not be able to run, was like literally killing a big part of who I am. 

Fast forward 2 years later. 

I am now running again, against my doctors, surgeon, and therapists advise. I don’t get to run like I used to, but at least I can still get out. In October 2011, I had a rotator cuff surgery due to the accident. I informed my surgeon than that I was running again. He gave me a look that said, I’m gonna see you again in a few years for a knee replacement. I explained to him how I had slowly worked my way back into it. With much trepidation, he gave me the O.K. He also gave me a lot of restrictions too. 

I no longer run the distances or at the speed I once did, but I still get to enjoy the oxygen and endorphins. Plus I no longer have to feel lethargic. I also no longer get to run everyday. The surgeon told me every other day and on the off days, walk or ride the bike. During the summer, I ride the bike, but with winter almost upon us and snow already on the ground, I go for walks. It is a fair trade off in my opinion.