Word of the Day

Word of the Day: Fulminate
Pronunciation: \ˈfu̇l-mə-ˌnāt, ˈfəl-\
Definition: (verb)
1) to issue denunciations or the like (usually followed by against): The minister fulminated against legalized vice.
2) to explode with a loud noise; detonate.
3) to cause to explode.
Etymology: Fulminate is formed from fulminat-, the stem of fulminātus, the past participle of the Latin verb fulmināre “to hurl thunderbolts, thunder.” The classical Latin forms keep close to the literal sense, sometimes adding a sense “to blast with lightning.” The new senses “to issue denunciations, formally condemn; to thunder threats; to excommunicate” arise and become frequent in English in the 12th century. The chemical sense originated in French in the 19th century.

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