Dear Critic

Now is the time to rise up. Take control of action. Action leads to improvement. Improvement leads to something. Doesn’t it?

One could only hope, otherwise what’s the point. Why stay stagnant? Nothing ever changes from hanging out on the sidelines. You need to get in there and go. DO IT!!!!!!

The last few days have been down time. Time to get my head back where it needs to be. But being a writer means my mind can be everywhere and nowhere at once. Why should I not give in to flights of fancy? What I need is to get out more often. Being stuck nowhere all the time doesn’t help the creativity.

Have to finish my sales letter, school discussion post, and bait piece. Hopefully the time away from the pen will have refreshed my idea center.

Where does the day go? I can spend hours thinking about nothing, but that doesn’t help when it comes time to putting

Times up. Have to go.

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