Dear Critic,

Holding back will get you no where. Time to go all in. No more holding back.

That sounds like a good motto, but saving something for reserve is key for growth. How else would we grow, if we used up everything? It’s not that I don’t want to give it my all, but with other engagements out there, I am definitely going to need some reserve.

The sales letter for my new service is almost complete. I have to move some things around and then get a critique on it. It’s always good to have someone else look over your work before you send it out. Well, most of your work. I like my blog posts to be raw, uncensored, and sometimes, uncut.

Have to get the outline for school done. It is due by tonight, as is my post for the discussion part of it. But all I really wanna do is take a nap. Lord it’s only 915 and I’m already thinking about a nap. Breakfast first sounds better though. I always sleep well with a full stomach.

Picked up some really nice paper and envelopes for the sales letter. Hope that helps with engagement. Not sure if I like the critic online or not. Huge difference from pen and paper in front of me when I go at the critic. It just seems to flow better– love the critic.

Maybe this is a good way to go. I would have never thought my critic side would have jumped in there. And it was kind of funny.

Times up.

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