To write or not to write?

It has been a few days since I have posted a blog. Monday, I received a phone call about one of my bulk mailers. It was from an organization called AudioOut, at


The owner Jeff Grubich contacted me about updating his website. I have know Jeff for about 7 years. We worked together at a warehouse, before we both left to pursue separate dreams of working for ourselves. Him as a music producer, me as a writer.

My mailers went out to some local business, and I must admit, Jeff’s was not one of them. I hadn’t even realized he was as far along with his business as he was.

I asked him how he had heard about what I was doing. He told me he was at his gym, speaking with the owner and asked him about his marketing. The owner told him he had just received something in the mail and asked Jeff if he wanted to see it.

(Gotta love word of mouth marketing.)

Jeff thanked the owner and informed him, he knew how to contact me. A few hours later, he called.

We spoke for a couple of hours. I asked the usually questions to a possible prospect and Jeff asking for the mailer.

My mailer consists of 3 things, an 8 GB zip drive, a pen, and a list of 12 marketing ideas for any company. I put in 12, because there is one for each month. Most have something to do with needing a writer. Me.

Since then, I have looked at his website.

A year ago, I would not have noticed the things I did. Not so much about the layout, but about the content. I have spent hours looking at other copywriter’s websites, and eventually, I will roll out my own.

After looking at the website, I realized, I hadn’t ask Jeff enough questions. This is what happens when you are ill prepared. So I called him and asked a few follow up questions. I am now ready to tackle his problems.

It is still early in the day, so I do not know how many people will respond to my mailers. I do know, not having my website is hurting me. I have been told, just get your website out there. It does not matter if its finished or not.

I have to disagree. To me a half finished website reflects your work. If your site is sloppy and incomplete, potential clients are going to think it reflects the work you will do for them.

I have a contact on Facebook and G+ who is helping me with my branding and logo. She is an acquaintance from the Copywriter Cafe,, Katherine Tattersfield. We’ve only had conversations over social media, but it seems like we have known each other for years. She has a good read on people.

We have a phone conversation tomorrow, where she will interview me to finish up my queries. I hope to have my website up by next month. I have my about, home, pricing, and portfolio pages ready to go.

The about and home pages are the pages from AudioOut I am going to work on. I have already rewritten one of his ads, and he has already seen an increase in responses from it.

My biggest fear is, I will create incredible pieces for my clients and fail to do so for myself. Helping my clients is my biggest priority, because I will fail if I do not help them first. Word of mouth advertising is more powerful than a website.

Happy writing everyone.

The daily burn, calories that is.

I am committed to be fit.

When I say this, I mean healthy. I enjoy the occasional run to a fast food restaurant, or even a good night at the bar with friends. Everything in moderation, except your dreams. Than its either go big or go home.

I consume about 8,000 calories a day, and I think I burn about just as many. I cannot truly verify this, as its hard to really keep tabs on everything I consume and all of my activities. It is a rough estimate.

The reason I say my intake equals my outtake, is because I never seem to gain any weight. No matter what I do, it seems an impossible task for me.

I know, “Shut up Troy. You make me sick”

As I have said previously, this is not as good a thing as some people think.

Our bodies are constantly burning calories. There is no activity that does not use energy to complete.  Even as I lay here typing this, I am burning calories. Our bodies are wondrous industrious machines.

My morning routine of push ups, planks, pull ups, and shoulder exercises burns roughly 1250 calories. The calories I burn from stretching after my workout is an additional 300. My run probably 800, depending on the mileage. Twice a day, I do tai chi for a total of 700. On the days I cannot run, I walk and jump rope for a total of 1100.

These are the calories I burn by taking care of my body. We also burn them we do other activities. I golf about 4 times a week. I walk all 18 holes and I carry my clubs for a surprising 1200 calories.

3 seasons out of the year, I spend an hour a day in my garden, weeding, hoeing, watering for 350 calories. For the winter months, my snowmobile replaces these calories. Although, with the fun I am having, I spend more than a hour on it and use 250 calories an hour.

Now for those of you with the 9-5, did you know you burn somewhere between 300 and 600 calories an hour. If you have an office job, you are on the low end. For people on their feet all day, you expend more energy and therefor burn more.

If you would like to turn the oven of your metabolism from warm to cook, here are a few simple tips.

1) Eat Breakfast and Meals throughout the Day

When you rest, your body naturally slows down. If you eat within the first hour of waking up, it is like throwing a log on a pile of embers, and seeing it roar to life.

2) Drink Water

To maintain fluid balance, regulate body functions, and keep your organs clean,  your body is absorbing and using the water you give it. To do this, it uses calories.

3) Caffeine

The caffeine from black coffee and green tea, helps stimulate thermogenesis. This is the act of warming up the body. Plus caffeine gives you energy, which you turn into motion.

4) Fidget

Those who tap their toes, play with their hair, or gesture when they speak, are still burning energy. Up to 350 calories a day.

5) Clean

When you vacuum, sweep, dust, or rearrange you are using your body. Using your body, burns calories.

6) Stand

This simple act of keeping your body upright, burns up to 600 calories a day. Switching your computer desk to a standing desk, does more than burns calories. It strengthens your core, legs, and spine.

7) Sex

Not only is it enjoyable, it is also helps burn off some extra calories. It releases endorphins, regulates circulatory and respiratory functions, and gives an overall sense of well-being

8) Dance

This is one of my favorite activities. Probably because I don’t know I am doing it. I have been approached by friends and coworkers telling me, I just broke out in a dirge. At first I thought people were joking with me, but after many different people telling me this, I just go with the flow. And so should you.

As I stated earlier, I am not sure how many calories I consume and use. It is somewhere between 6,000 and 8,000. I only know that my intake and outtake match each other. I do not gain weight.

Since I am not ashamed of my body, I do not feel the need to increase anything to put on more mass. Your body should not be something you are ashamed of because someone doesn’t like the look of it.

The only thing that matters is what your body is telling you. If it tells you, you are feeling good, go with it. No one can take that away from you. Enjoy your body, its the only one you get.

The best thing about your body, it is a canvas you can repaint over and over again.