The School Dilemma


School is back in session.

I know I should feel excited, but I am not. You see, this is the last class I have to take before I earn my Bachelor’s degree. This has been an 18 year adventure in the making, let me tell you.

I am not excited about this, because I don’t really care. “What? 18 years of school, your almost finished and not excited. What’s wrong with you?”

Nothing is wrong with me. Over the years, I have learned school is a hoax.

Now, before I go any further, let me just say, I am talking about college education, not elementary education.

Our children do need the assistance to learn to read, write, and reason. Those I have to admit were the only things during my educational career I believe I actually needed a teacher for.

And yes, having the degree and that little piece of paper saying I completed it will be nice, but school is not where I got my true education.

My natural curiosity for learning led me down many different avenues for my education. Some of the learning I did, got me into trouble in some classes, because I asked questions that went against “standard” teachings.

Hell, to be honest with you, I didn’t learn anything from school I didn’t already know.

School is just like any other commodity.

Someone tries to tell you, that you need it to achieve greatness.


It’s true, education is a good thing, but you don’t need to pay $30,000 to $40,000 a year for it. Especially when you can get the same knowledge the teachers preach from a book.

I have done both in class and online classes. And, there are merits to both, but I preferred the online classes.

If I didn’t want to deal with someone’s stupid comments, I didn’t have to. I would read their drivel, and if I didn’t want to comment, I wouldn’t. Where as in a classroom setting, I would have to listen to this idiot constantly.

I am not saying, you shouldn’t go to school. I am saying though, you are paying A LOT of money for an experience. Because that is what college is these days. An experience.

You see the joys of having your degree is, most employers won’t look to see what your GPA is. Just that you have the degree. You could coast through with all C’s and no one is going to care.

Which means little time studying and more time partying. Experiencing. Not learning. You learn on your own time at your own pace.

These last 2 statements are why I am calling bullshit on the whole college institution.

Over the last 18 years, I have spent a fraction of the price I know many have for a 4 year degree. And I can also tell you, I had a lot more fun and learned a hell of a whole lot more too.

So the decision is yours, put yourself into massive debt for an experience, or live life and educate yourself.

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