Continued Education

I have been in and out of school as long as I can remember. The line in Tommy Boy has alway pissed me off. Lots of people go to school for 9 years. Yeah, they’re called doctors.

Fuck you. Its not a lack of intelligence that stops most of us from completing school, its life itself. My friends seem to think they can give me hell for the amount of time and money I’ve spent on my education. I keep my mouth shut and just shake my head. What I really want to say is, “How the hell do you know? Most of you never went to college and a few of you didn’t even finish high school.”

I guess that just goes to show how an education can teach you tolerance, humility and a sense of self respect. 

I have almost always completed my semesters, I just have yet to reach a degree. I am actually 1 class away from obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in English. Which I will complete on 03/02/2014. Than its straight into my Master’s Program. 

As I said earlier, it has always been life that’s hindered my completion of school. I wasn’t someone lucky enough to enjoy the academic life that everyone seems to think we should have. After high school, I took a semester off to do some traveling. Find out who I was before I decided to settle on a educational path. 

When I did return to school, I attended a local community college. Walking in the first day, I was with 2 people that went to different high schools than me. Actually all 3 of us went to different high schools. When I scanned the lobby where everyone was meeting, the kids from my high school gave me a look like I was a traitor. Idiots. Don’t you realize college is about making new connections. 

I attended this school for 4.5 years. The last semester I was there, I left with 3 weeks before graduating with my Associates degree. I couldn’t handle the high school mentality that everyone seemed so desperate to cling to. Plus I had just purchased a house and had to pick up extra hours at work to keep up with the bills. Life can bitch slap you sometimes. 

As with school life can get in the way of a blog too. I have to go. I’ll finish up my life with school soon. 

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