To write or not to write?

Surprise, I keep a journal, because men don’t call it a diary.

I read a post about writing 1000 words a day. Ha, I find this funny. 1000 words a day. I wish that was all I wrote a day. The journal entry alone is probably 1000. Than there are papers for school, blog posts, and rewrites. I say rewrites because in order to improve in my craft, I will read something and if I don’t like it, I will rewrite it. It could be an article, an ad, a flyer for a furniture store. I also write by hand. I use to hate writing by hand, but after years of practicing my cursive, I have come to enjoy it. It is therapeutic and studies have shown, people who write are more intelligent. 

Even though the studies say cursive writers are more intelligent, a few days back, I went through the dreaded “writer’s block”. I have a few techniques I employee when this happens, and they usually work. This time, they didn’t. When I mentioned this in my groups, everyone was very helpful in trying to help me out. I tried to do some of the exercises they recommended, all to no avail. Most I had already heard before and had tried them before I made the comment. I wasn’t sure why, but the block went on for a whole 3 days. I was just glad, that I had all my homework finished before it started. I take online classes, so all of my homework is writing. 

So what worked.

Doing Nothing. 

I mean, absolutely nothing. I put the pen down, closed the laptop, turned off the desktop, and did nothing. I guess after 14 months of writing, researching, and reading everything I could on many different topics, my mind said, “ENOUGH DUDE. I want a break.” I would start writing whenever I had an idea, at a music festival, hanging out with friends, or on a date. It didn’t matter to me. My idea was gold, and I didn’t want to lose it. Sometimes, you just have to shut it all off. I even have a pad and pen on my night stand for when I wake up, if my dreams are a little bizarre. Those are some golden treats to reread later on. They make no sense, but perfect sense. Plus I have been able to use a few of the lines that I have written in some of my work. 

Anyway, I’ve read 1000 words a day, and I do more than that. I’ve also come across the dreaded block. What have I learned? Shit happens. Everyone I talked with said they’ve also gone through it. Again, I cannot emphasize this, I am not alone. I have a very supportive group of friends and colleagues to help through my down times. What more could you ask for?

Happy writing everyone. 

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