To write or not to write?

This post is earlier than what I am use to, but I had the urge to write more today. I have read a lot lately on what copywriting is about. It seems everyone has a different opinion about it. I read a really good article about it tonight. The woman compared copywriting to journalistic writing. It was very informative and eye opening. Most of what she said I already knew, but I did increase my knowledge a little bit. I have to admit, that is the one thing I really like about copywriting. You get to research any topic you want. I mean ANY topic. The joys of copywriting is you get to use the same format for everything you write. My one true copy was for an accounting firm and to my knowledge they are still using my control. I have done some guest blog posts and have written a few successful grants for the town I live in. 

I really want to write for professional holiday decorating companies. The companies that decorate the city streets or homes, not the inside decorating. I enjoy decorating my own home for the holidays, so I figured it would be nice to help those companies out. In my opinion, that is the true purpose of a copywriter. To help a company grow. If you help them grow, they give you repeat business. If you help them grow, they’ll give you a testimonial and you can use that to get new clients. Then the cycle just continues until you have enough business to keep you in work and money for awhile. 

I am in midst of trying to find these companies. Well, I have already found them, now I need to get them to hire me. I have sent out emails promoting my services, the next step will be to call them. I know for the companies that I am prospecting, it might not be a convenient time for them, but it could also be the perfect time for them. The holidays are among us, and now would be a good time to push their services. I’ll just keep plugging away and calling and emailing them. Everyone in the Cafe tells me, it may be a while before I do get an interested lead, but that I should just keep moving forward. Don’t let the “no” discourage me. Which it doesn’t. If it did, I would have stopped dating a long time ago.

Happy writing everyone.

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