To write or not to write?

This has been an extremely trying, wonderful, humbling year for me. You never know what direction your passion for learning is going to lead you down. When I first decided to write this blog, I was hell bent on it depicting what I thought I should highlight throughout my journey. I was going to have a schedule for this; post only once a week, stick to my journey over the last year, mention AWAI as often as possible. Well today as I look at this screen, I’ve come to the decision it doesn’t really matter what or how I write it, just so long as I WRITE it. 

I am in a group on Facebook called the Copywriter Cafe, sorry folks, its a closed group. If you are an aspiring copywriter, I can send an invite to the admin. If you would like to know more about the Copywriter Cafe, you can visit the website at The reason I mention this group, is because the creator of the group, Steve Roller, was the first person to contact me personally to offer me some advice and support at a time where I was going through much resistance. Not just from family and friends, but with myself also. I think Steve knew this and he did in person what the program I was learning told me to do on paper. He played on my base emotions and made me see the benefits of the writers life. We are all going to experience ups and downs in this line of work, its how you deal with the downs that is going to build character and better writers.

Feeling better about my decision, I logged into AWAI and got back to work. I read the next section of the program and did the exercises. Being that it was January, after the exercises, I went for a run. Running usually helps to clear and align my head. I usually run at night, except for in the winter, I can see the road and avoid ice. When I got home, I showered and ate and sat down to watch some T.V. A few hours later, I logged into Facebook, and there was an invite to the Copywriter Cafe page. Little did I know what kind of impact this group was going to have on my decision.

The first few months, I hid in the shadows. I read the posts, visited the sites, and took notes on what other people were saying. I was still going through the program from AWAI and than it happened. I landed my first client. It wasn’t a retainer client, but someone wanted to pay me for my writing. The elation I felt. That evening, I made my second post on the Cafe page. That was when everything changed. I started to put myself out there more. I started to conquer a fear. A fear that is still in me today, only one I don’t hide in the shadows from anymore. 

Happy writing everyone. 

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