To write or not to write?

When last I posted, I spoke of the wonders of writing, and titled this series “To write or not to write”. As you can tell, I chose To Write. When I first started out in this new lifestyle, I received a lot of resistance from my family and friends. “It’s not guaranteed work.” “Who is going to want to read YOUR writing?” “Whats so wrong with the job you have? You make decent money.”

They never understood my fascination with the written word, even when I was a child. I remember the day my older brother brought home his ABC book and I got my first look at it. I knew than and there I was hooked. Somehow the letters and pictures cast a spell on me and I couldn’t get enough. I pleaded, begged, and offer to do his chores just to get a few minutes with the book. The following year when I started school, the teacher was amazed that I was “reading” and not just learning the letters.

The snowball that started rolling down the mountain that day created quite an avalanche. In my eyes, it is like the Himalayan’s no longer have snow on them. I have completely embraced this aspect of myself. I do not even know who I would be if I could not write. I have kept a journal since I was 8. During my school days, I could not wait for an assignment to showcase my storytelling capabilities, or to write a research paper. I am a very meticulous writer and I feel that nothing I write is ever good enough, but when the papers were returned to me, there was never enough red ink on them for my liking. I found this discouraging as it did not help me develop my writing capabilities. To me it just meant I did better than my other classmates, and my punctuation, sentence structure and flow were acceptable.

On to the decision I made to take my passion for writing to the future. The best part I can see about being a copywriter is, you do not need to be an author or even published in this line of work to get paid, and paid handsomely. You just need to follow a few basic skills and express yourself clearly, precisely, and make it enjoyable.

I should probably go into detail about the program I purchased, but I feel a little background on AWAI is in order first. American Writers and Artists Inc (AWAI) was founded in 1997, by a group of talented individuals who knew the work they did was so abundant they could train others to do the same. Their signature program, AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, is a detailed manual on a very lucrative business called Direct Response Copywriting. This is not the only program that AWAI offers. If you would like to see a more detailed list, please visit, The best part about all of AWAI’s courses are that you do not need any experience. THEY WILL TEACH YOU STEP BY STEP. And most programs do have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Lets not confuse the type of copywriting you will learn from AWAI from the T.V. show Mad MenMad Men’s copy is for T.V. ads, where AWAI’s is for the written ads. Many of you have undoubtedly received something in the mail for a magazine subscription. Well thats the type of copywriting that AWAI teaches. It doesn’t stop there. As I stated previously, there are many avenues that you can take your writing down. You just have to have knowledge that will help whomever you chose to write for make some money, and in return, they can pay you substantially.

I cannot express enough I log into the website 4 to 5 times a day. Plus I am also a member on their Facebook page, where valuable information is passed along. Every year AWAI hosts a event called Bootcamp in DelRay Florida, in October, where AWAI members get together and attend seminars on certain aspects of their chosen writing careers. They also get to meet with potential clients to help launch their careers. AWAI also holds seminars over the phone where you can listen to some A-list copywriters, to get information to help increase any aspect of your business. Because let’s face it, when you are a freelance writer, it is your business and the more you know, the more productive and profitable you will be.

Well happy writing everyone and have a great day.

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