To write or not to write?

This is the first entry in my series that I am calling “To write or not to write?” 


Last October, I decided I wanted to become a “professional” writer. I wanted to be paid for the ideas in my head. My writing had been compared to some of the great authors, so I thought how hard could this be. I did everything that every cocky person does when they are first confronted with a change that they think they need no help with. I dove into the deep end head first. No knowledge of how deep it was, what else was swimming in the water, or where to go if I got in trouble. 

I logged into Google and looked up “write from home”. I clicked on the 3rd link that came up, I don’t even remember it now, and read the post in there. Make good money from home, on your own time, with no boss to answer to. Who wouldn’t love that. So I ordered the program.  The program was from American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI), something as I like to call “College for Writers”. Little did I know, that this program was going to introduce me to a world of writing and fantastic relationships that I had no idea existed.

The general term that is implied with this way of writing is called copywriting. To me that means T.V. commercials with words. There are so many avenues you can take your writing down. Writing magazine subscription letters, e-newsletters, brochures, case studies, success stories, and the list goes on and on.

You want to find out what ignites a passion in you, find someone in that industry and showcase your work to land a client that comes back time and time again. The best part about it, there are so many businesses out there, that you don’t have to focus on the big ones. The smaller companies will pay handsomely too. 

I am not going to lie. The hardest part about being a copywriter is the marketing. You have to be willing to put yourself out there. You have to advertise yourself like you are Tom Cruise and no one is going to do a better job than you are. You have to be unique, entertaining, and most importantly you have to be brandable. 

The journey I have traveled so far is frustrating, exhilarating, and I have to admit for the most part enjoyable. 

2 responses to “To write or not to write?

  1. Welcome to professional writing. 🙂 I hope it works out well for you. I can tell you it is a phenomenal and incredible journey. If you love the craft, it will make it easier. Thanks for sharing!

    • Jessica,

      Thank you for the boast of confidence. I have experienced some resistance in many of my relationships for my choice of career change and it is nice to hear some encouraging words. I am glad that you too are enjoying the writers life. I will be continuing this journey regardless of anyone’s opinion.

      Again, thank you for your belief. It means the world to me. Happy writing.

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